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Date(s) - 01/09/2012
16:00 - 17:00

Blairgowrie Recreation Centre


Street Dance for Beginner levels

Popping Run through:

-Isolations(moving one body section at a time) -head, chest, hips, leg rolls+double leg rolls
-”Hitting” -this is the basic idea of popping. without the hit your not popping. The hit is the tightening and releasing of a muscle, mainly in your forearms, but also legs, neck, chest or anywhere you want the hit to be seen. This is the KEY element that makes popping what it is.
-Body waves- this is the flowing motiong that goes through your body to create a wave from head to toe then back up. Creating a “Wave”. Press out each section of body in sequence. (Head, chest, stomach, hips, knees)
-Arm waves- Same as body waves but moves from fingertip to fingertip on other side. crossing all joints and popping them up in sequence(fingers, wrist, elbow, shoulder, etc.)

It is essential that no joints are skipped.

-Floats- using heel toe action to move to the sides.
-Glides-using the float motion in a slide to “glide” across the floor. this is known as the moonwalk, which is incorrect. Michael jacksons moonwalk is a back slide. a moon walk is gliding in a circle. this correction comes from “mr Wiggles” one of the founding dancers of the style.
-”drills”-This is just the concept of taking a few basics and “drilling” them in a continuous motion to get it to come out correctly. “You take basics and drill it in combinations until it becomes part of your DNA, then it will just come out naturally when you freestyle.”-mr wiggles

Street Stylez Dance Studio

Dress: funky hip hop style in their own expression, best dressed wins a free studio shirt. comfortable clothing, sneakers.  Merchandise will be available.

Also Bring: Towel and Waterbottle


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