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Date(s) - 02/09/2012
13:30 - 14:30

Blairgowrie Recreation Centre


Bboying Run through:
Remember CORRECT warm up, stretching and body conditioning is required to be a proper dancer. Fitness was shown as a MUST not just to make you tired. It’s What we do every day and is a big part of being a strong dancer.

Breaking is broken down into diff categories and all are needed to be a real bboy.

Toprock- this is the standing “dancing” part of bboying. the first element that was what breaking was all about. First it was known as Rocking, which was essentially done to rock music and developed. Most dancers still try keep rocking as real as it can be.

We worked on Cross step Indian step, and crossover/hip twist Indian step.

-Drops- this is the movements you use to drop your level down to the floor before you move into a footwork sequence. A bboy should never go down to the floor if you dont use a drop.

We did a knee drop also known as a colt(as known from james brown)

-Footwork- this is the part where your on your hands and feet, compiling alot of diff moves to make a smooth non jerky motion in a circle. bboy must stay on fingers not flat handed. always on your toes.

we did 6step and zulu spins

-Freezes- the part of the dance where everything stops. that end pose or move you finish it off with.

We did stab, side baby freeze and shoulder freeze.

-Powermoves- the spinning moves that is now the only thing people know as breaking and is wrong. these moves are gymnastics movements thats borrowed and used along with your breaking. think of it as a extension to your breaking not what breaking is. We all love it but there needs to be a difining line that shows whats original breaking and what is extensions to it.

Dress: funky hip hop style in their own expression, best dressed wins a free studio shirt. comfortable clothing, sneakers.
Merchandise will be available
Please bring waterbottle and towel

bboy starz - Respect the history, learn your roots and love to dance

bboy starz – Respect the history, learn your roots and love to dance


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